This album is great – every song is an anthem. Fab lyrics, and if you've any talent on the guitar you'll learn the songs soon. It's never off my car stereo. Get this, you'll absolutely love this rising star!

Ian, Glasgow

It's one of those albums that grabs you the first time you listen to it. Quadrio sounds, at times, like Bowie's more recent work with a touch of Leonard Cohen. That Mr Quadrio is responsible for almost all the orchestration as well as the songwriting is a testament to this mans talents. Brilliant.

Alison, Bournemouth

Well, was the wait worth it? HELL YES! A true slice of indie rock with some American blues thrown in for good measure. Some really good lead guitar work and just thumping good tunes, well worth the price of the cd, looking forward to the second album Mr.Q!

Steve, Buckinghamshire